Educational Project

Our Second project so called “Making Education Digital” is designed under a pressure of facilitating education as well as students to learn in a perfect manner so called digital learning, by which student is very well aware about study and the institute in which he tacking admission for his batter future.

Making education digital is not about selling our script as much as possible to make money and give extra headache to institutes instead we also support it long time

 By supporting we mean that after selling our script we also create benchmark for batter education. for this we organize open challenges digitally in which our best script will run and all students from all across Rajasthan are invited to tack the  challenge Winner student can proudly receive his/her certificate from web explored Making Education Digital project

Open challenge are very tough in nature, all the questions will be exclusive  taken from a great group of lectures from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and many more who support our work our project

In a simply manner our project or making education digital will be recommended for every institute, also work as maturity certificate for institute

We wish all the students a batter educated life

Have A Look..



My School

A Mobile View Is




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